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Everything Matrix Merchandising does is focused on customers. We begin at the beginning --with the retail customer--because we understand that if the retail customer isn't inspired to buy, nothing else is possible. Every decision we make is examined under the microscope of a single qualifier--"What will the retail customer think about this?" That simple question regulates who we hire, the number of hours we dedicate to a project, the standards we set for completion of a day's work, and every other detail of our operations. It also guides the advice we give to our clients regarding the appearance and timing of their displays because Matrix Merchandising approaches merchandising service not as a checklist of things to complete, but as an opportunity to drive sales via the flawless presentation of our customer's goods.

That is the Matrix Merchandising difference. We believe that our value is tied to sales--your sales. There are a lot of Merchandising Service Organizations who allow themselves to believe that poor sales performance is someone else's fault, and that their job is to execute tasks exactly as they are handed to them. At Matrix we strive to recognize, before we begin a project, those instances when outside influences are going to negatively impact sales and to bring them, and the solutions to them, to our customers' attention. Perhaps more importantly, if we believe that our involvement will have no effect on sales, we let our clients know and advise them that service is not necessary.

It is our focus on customers that makes our service offerings so diverse. We understand that there are many factors influencing shopper behavior, and we strive to have a solution for as many of those factors as possible. On the other hand, we also understand that there are some things that are better left to specialists in a particular category, and so we don't attempt to undertake electrical or carpentry tasks, for example, because doing so would not serve our customers well. If we list an activity as one of our available services, it is because we believe that it is something that we can execute better than anyone else--better than any other MSO, better than store personnel, and better than a supplier's in-house team.

The services listed in the links above are the activities that we are experts in. Please take a moment to look through them and to determine if any of them might fill a need that is currently not being met to your satisfaction. By the same token, if you have a need that you don't see listed, please feel free to contact us and to talk about the solutions that we may be able to create for you. After all, our focus is our customers and their happiness, and we would love to include you in that group.




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